Ecological packages after childbirth, 10pcs. Lady ANION (Kopija) (Kopija)

  • Ecological packages after childbirth, 10pcs. Lady ANION (Kopija) (Kopija)

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    Gentle Day
    • Day pads with anion strip.

    • Organic and soft cotton creates a feeling of comfort throughout the day. 

    • 8 precisely thin pad layers create a natural feeling of long lasting dryness.

    • Organic cotton layer and unique absorption zones design create rapid and long term anti-leak protection when there is heavy bleeding.

    • Rapid-absorbing channels make you feel safe by controlling that fluids are locked where needed.

    • suitable for women who cannot wear synthetic pads.

    • anionic strip neutralizes unpleasant odors.

    • certified Oeko Tex-100, Made For Health, Bureau Veritas.

    • made of self-destructing materials.

    • security confirmed at Bureau Veritas World Research Center.

    • Quantity - 10 pcs.

    • Drops - 3.

    • Absorbency - 134 g.

    • Length - 240 mm.