Nipple shields 20 mm, 2 pcs. Lansinoh

  • Nipple shields 20 mm, 2 pcs. Lansinoh

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    • For mothers who have difficulty breastfeeding, Lansinoh Contact seals are an effective aid.

    • Nipple shield  rescue to protect sore nipples while they heal, as well as to address problems with feeding premature, extremely small or sick babies with flat or inverted nipples, as well as excessive milk flow.

    • Extremely thin and flexible.

    • Made of 100% silicone.

    • In addition to BPA and BPS.

    • Special seal design to maximize mother-baby contact during breastfeeding.

    • The baby feels the mother's skin and smells it.

    • Sold with a protective case for hygiene and convenience. 

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