Ecological packages after childbirth, 10pcs. Lady ANION

  • Ecological packages after childbirth, 10pcs. Lady ANION

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    • Lady ANION Post Partum Organic packages after childbirth or during heavy periods.

    • Length 340mm, absorption 172g.

    • Comfortable, soft cotton surface ensures dryness for a long time.

    • High degree of absorption, breathable, thin, skin does not burn, does not heat.

    • Protects against bad breath: the anionic strip neutralizes unpleasant odors.

    • Non-toxic, non-toxic adhesive tape used, environmentally friendly.

    • Made of self-degrading materials.

    • No irritants.

    • Suitable for women who cannot wear synthetic packages.

    • Recommended for certification by gynecologists used in gynecological practice.

    • Oeko-Tex 100 meets the ecological requirements for products in direct contact with the skin.

    • Made for Health, meets chemical and biological safety requirements.


    What is so special about Lady Anion Post Partum?

    • The layer of soft organic cotton absorbs extremely rich liquids and ensures a natural feeling of dryness for a long time.

    • Extra wings in the back create comfort for comfort.

    • The extended shape of the package prevents liquid from leaking.

    • The pleats make you feel safe by controlling that liquids are locked where needed. 

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