Kit for the hospital "Maternity basket" MIDI Size

  • Kit for the hospital "Maternity basket" MIDI Size

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  • In this kit you will find the basic hygiene products you will need in the hospital:

    1.Sanitary pads and diapers Hartmann, 14 pcs. They are given to the mother 1-5 days after giving birth. The pads have an increased absorption.

    • 3 pcs. SENI Active Diapers 6 drops (very high absorbency)
    • 3 pcs. MoliCare® Premium pads 4 drops (high absorbency)
    • 4 pcs. MoliCare® Premium pads 3 drops (medium absorbency)
    • 4 pcs MoliCare® Premium pads 2 drops (lower absorbency)

    2. Hartmann mesh elastic panties, 3 pcs. Perfectly fits and firmly holds sanitary pads, panties are soft and gentle. 

    • Choose the right size for you (don't be surprised, they are only available in 2 sizes):
    • Choose L-size panties if your hip circumference is 80-120 cm (corresponds to XS-L size)
    • Choose XL size panties if your hip circumference is 100 -160 cm (corresponds to size XL-XXXL

    3. Disposable decking Hartmann, 90x60 cm, 3 pcs. 

    • You will need these pads the first day after giving birth to make you feel comfortable and safe.

    4. Pads for the bra, 10 pcs.

    • When the milk appears, the breastfeeding mother needs a pad in the bra. They will absorb excess colostrum or milk. Extremely thin, but thanks to the two layers it absorbs moisture and protects clothes and bedding from soiling.

    5. Multi-Mam compresses for nipples, 2 pcs. 

    • The compresses have a quick soothing effect on sore nipples, optimize the condition of the skin around the nipples, reduce swelling and prevent infection.

    6. Medela or Purelan cream (7g/7ml.)

    •  Lanolin cream helps to properly care for the nipples by restoring the right amount of lipids, which are often lost during breastfeeding. The cream contains 100% lanolin, which is hypoallergenic without artificial additives and preservatives. The tool is safe for both mother and baby. It is not necessary to remove the product from the nipple before breastfeeding. 
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