Wool bra pads, 2 pcs. LANAcare

  • Wool bra pads, 2 pcs. LANAcare

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    • These extremely soft and gently soothing wool pads in the bra provide the most favorable conditions for successful breastfeeding.

    • For most women, 2 pairs of pads are enough for the entire breastfeeding period, while disposable pads need to be purchased regularly. This is environmentally friendly!

    • Scandinavian midwives have long advised mothers to protect their breasts from the cold to prevent duct occlusion or mastitis.

    • Your skin will stay dry and be able to breathe freely, and painful nipples will heal faster. Most women say that with the introduction of these pads, the nipples began to heal and the breastfeeding process changed as day and night.

    • Women love these bra pads - do you often hear that said about pads?

    • “LANAcare bra pads are the only ones that meet all the expectations of a breastfeeding mother. When treating mothers with damaged nipples, we use LANAcare pads, which allow the breasts to heal, do not adhere to the skin and effectively promote the formation of a new layer of skin. ”-Monica Wassberg, Chief Hairdresser, Sweden

    • 100% organic merino wool.

    • Extremely soft and gentle on the skin.

    • The skin remains dry and can breathe freely, and damaged nipples heal quickly.

    • The pads protect the breasts from the cold and warm, reducing the risk of clogged ducts or mastitis.

    • The heat with which the pads wrap around the breasts ensures a smooth flow of milk during breastfeeding.

    • 2 pairs of pads are sufficient for the entire breastfeeding period.

    • The pads are easy to wash and sterilize.

    • Rapid sterilization at the onset of a fungal infection. Place the washed and still wet pads in the microwave for 3 minutes and turn on at maximum power.

    • Tips for choosing the right size:

    • X-Small - 12 cm - size A or B bra

    • Small - 15 cm - size B or C bra

    • Medium - bra size 18 cm or larger

    • Large - 22 cm - size bra or in case of breast inflammation.

    • Oval - 18 x 27 cm - size D bra or in case of breast inflammation.

    • Pack of 2 pcs.