Which Maternity Bras to Buy

  • Which Maternity Bras to Buy

      Finding a nursing bra

    Choosing a well-fitting, supportive maternity and nursing bra is important for your comfort as your body changes in preparation for your breastfeeding journey

    Which Maternity Bras to Buy

    We recommend something soft & breathable with a flexible fit & great support (non-underwired is best). Our Bamboo Seamless Maternity & Nursing Bras with elasticized support are a fantastic option.

    At Night: Nothing beats our Maternity & Nursing Sleep Bras for comfort & convenience. They’re ultra-soft, with no clips or hooks that could dig in & keep you up at night. They provide the perfect support through pregnancy & the cups simply pull aside for breastfeeding after baby is born.

    Something Special: If you’re looking for something a bit more stylish, a little lace goes a long way! Our selection of gorgeous lacy maternity bras are expertly crafted with all the shape & support of the everyday bras, plus that little extra confidence boost that comes with wearing sexy lingerie.

    Getting Active: Staying active through pregnancy has proven benefits for both you & your baby, so a beautifully fitting maternity sports bra is a must. With easy drop down access for nursing, these are also perfect for when you’re ready to start easing your way back into shape after baby is born.
    We hope you’ve found this guide helpful! Once you’ve found your perfect bra, why not check out our nursing collection.