Waffle Premium thermophore – Coffe with Milk

  • Waffle Premium thermophore – Coffe with Milk

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    • The Waffle Premium thermophore by Sensillo is an elegant and ecological product with a cherry seed insert.

    • It can be used hot and cold, relieving children from many ailments.

    • Specially selected size (16×13 cm) allows it to be used by mothers, e.g. by warming up the breast during feeding.

    • Using a thermophore carries no risk of burns, frostbite, poisoning with the filling substance, or allergic skin lesions.

    • It is made of natural raw materials: cherry stones come from Polish crops and are placed in a cover made of 100% cotton. 

    • Directions for use:

    • Preheating:

    • in a microwave oven with a power of 300-600W, max. 1 min.

    • in the oven at 120O C, approx. 4 minutes.

    • on the radiator / heater until the appropriate temperature is obtained.

    • Do not overheat the product above the recommended conditions – it may cause burns

    • Cooling down: Place in the freezer for approx. 30-60 minutes.