Maternity Pillow PHYSIO W-705-000-745

  • Maternity Pillow PHYSIO W-705-000-745

    Barcode: 590767234222

    • The multifunctional duo pillow is a relaxation pillow for all moms in the last months of their pregnancy, during the post-delivery period, as well as during breastfeeding.

    • Our multifunctional physio duo pillow is our biggest pillow, that was designed to satisfy the requirements of the most demanding women.

    • Ceba Baby pillow provides a stable support for the whole body during your sleep and leisure time.

    • It relieves your spine and makes your body relaxed.

    • The multifunctional physio duo pillow consists of two compartments filled with two different fillings.

    • The first compartment, which supports the head, is filled with soft silica beads.

    • The second compartment, the longer one, is filled with styrofoam balls (micropearls), which are used in rehabilitation pillows.

    • The styrofoam micropearls perfectly adapt to your body, they do not have spring qualities, which helps find the most comfortable body position.

    • Product quality has been confirmed by the Oeko – Tex Standard 100 certificate.

    • Dimensions: 300 x 30 cm