Japanese diapers for babies Moony 0-5 kg, 76 pcs

  • Japanese diapers for babies Moony 0-5 kg, 76 pcs

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    • The diapers are soft and perfectly adapt to the shape of the baby's bottom, so you don't have to worry about possible leaks!

    • Diapers are round in shape. 3D diaper shaping wraps the baby's bottom according to its shape.

    • Diapers protect the body from possible leakage in the back due to its elasticity.

    • The flexible and soft side part of the diaper perfectly adapts to the shape of the baby's thighs.

    • Instantly absorbent, dual capacity layers ensure and prevent leakage.

    • Moony diapers are very comfortable and soft - they directly and gently touch your baby's skin.

    • The inside of the diaper: the inner layer, which is in direct contact with the baby's skin, uses a material whose fibers are as soft as silk. Now diapers are even softer - touch and feel!

    • The secret to a soft and gentle touch is that diapers fit perfectly. The baby feels comfortable - like in the mother's arms.

    • Moony diapers make babies and their mothers feel happy!