Electric breast pump with 3D milk extraction technology, Baboo

  • Electric breast pump with 3D milk extraction technology, Baboo

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    3D breaking technology - the cushion gently compresses, massages and pulls when it fits over the entire surface.

    Extra soft massaging cup cushion that does not cause pain when weaning.

    Two working modes - it works both with an integrated battery and powered by the household electricity network.

    Modern design with touch screen control. Extremely easy to operate - mode switching can be done with one hand.

    Super quiet operation, especially useful later in the day.

    Easy to assemble and easy to clean, so it is convenient to use not only at home. Thanks to its compactness, it can also be carried in a bag or purse.

    Two levels of weaning stimulation modes - faster, stimulating milk release, and slower, promoting weaning efficiency.

    Nine adjustable weaning strength levels with memory function.

    Closed one-way milk flow system.

    Gentle weaning becomes a pleasant and soothing process.

    The set includes: protective cap, silicone cup-cushion, plastic funnel, diaphragm, breast pump body, diaphragm cover, tube connector, AC adapter, adapter cable, vacuum tube, electric breast pump part with built-in lithium-ion battery, valve, bottle stand, bottle with wide neck, adapter for Baboo bottles, teat, connecting ring, protective cap, bra inserts, bags for storing mother's milk, basket for breast pump and instructions for use.