Breast milk collector, Lansinoh

  • Breast milk collector, Lansinoh

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    • It’s pretty common to feed milk from one breast while another is dripping, and Lansinoh thinks it’s a big waste of milk. The Lansinoh breast milk collector is designed to preserve every drop of milk you produce.

    • Lightweight, portable and easy to use, you can take it in your handbag or keep it in a power bag when you’re at home. The hands-free collector simply fits snugly to the breast and creates a natural suction. This is an easy way to collect every drop of your precious breast milk for your baby.

    • The milk collector is suitable for breasts of various sizes due to its wide neck and simple suction technique. Thanks to the extra strap on the neck, you can rest assured that your milk will remain safe and will not spill, even if your baby accidentally pushes or pushes the milk collector off the breast - it will remain safe on your neck. The cover can be used as a cover or as a stand. Or the milking parlor can be placed using a suction cup on the bottom to keep it stable on the surface and keep the milk safe.

    • Naturally, your body initially excretes milk with a higher fat content, which gradually decreases during feeding or weaning, so we recommend mixing the initial milk collected by the breast milk collector with the weaned milk to maximize the nutritional value of the milk for your baby.

    • Material: 100% silicone. In addition to BPA and BPS.

    • Care: Dishwasher safe.