Baby Swaddle, 4-6 months by Meyco Baby (Branches sand)

  • Baby Swaddle, 4-6 months by Meyco Baby (Branches sand)

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    • The SwaddleMeyco swaddle wrap, made of 100% cotton, is suitable for babies from 4 to 6 months, weight from 6,5 to 8,5 kg and length from 62 to 74 cm.

    • With the SwaddleMeyco swaddle wrap, it is easy to swaddle your baby and create the same secure feeling as in the womb. This enables your child to relax more easily. When your baby is restless or crying a lot, swaddling is a great way to get him or her relaxed and calm again.
      babies are not aware that they have arms. As a result, they often mow themselves awake, this is called moro-reflex. Because of the swaddling, they cannot move their arms which also gives them peace.

    • Swaddling also teaches your child to fall asleep. In the womb, they fall asleep automatically because of the rocking that occurs when the mother moves. When they are born, they have to learn to do this themselves. Swaddling helps with this.